Gmail Creator says he is not working on new email platform

February 5, 2010

With nearly 400 million users, Facebook is increasingly challenging the traditional Web overlords like Google and Yahoo on all fronts.

So the reports on Friday that Facebook was developing its own Web-based email, supposedly referred to internally as a “Gmail killer” raised a lot of eyebrows – not the least because Paul Buchheit, the former Google engineer who created Gmail, now works at Facebook (Facebook acquired Bucheit’s social networking startup FriendFeed last year).

But if there’s a Facebook email product in the works, Buchheit isn’t working on it.

In a post on to his FriendFeed account on Friday, Buchheit said, “No, I am not working on anything related to email,” adding that he did not plan to either.

News of Facebook’s web based email product was reported on the TechCrunch blog on Friday. According to TechCrunch, who cited a source with knowledge of the product, the effort is codenamed Project Titan but is unofficially called the Gmail killer among some employees.

(Additional reporting by Ian Sherr)


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i guess this is a good thing. Google is growing too much and trying to put their hand in every market possible, even if they suck at it. They ve grown to the point that they thing they can challenge the Chinese government!! haha how awesome is that.

So yea, facebook should come up with their own email to create some competition.

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