IPad pre-orders begin, and so does the speculation

March 12, 2010

ipadApple began accepting pre-orders for the iPad tablet this morning, around three weeks ahead of the April 3 launch date in the U.S.  Only the WiFi version of the tablet will be available on that date, with the 3G version shipping later in April.

Apple is limiting pre-orders to two devices per customer, which one prominent Apple blog said suggested the company is stretched thin on supply. Analysts over the past two weeks have noted some hiccups in iPad production.

Here’s Oppenheimer & Co analyst Yair Reiner in a research note earlier this week:

“Our channel checks have confirmed recent media reports that the iPad has encountered production problems and has failed to ramp as expected. We now believe Apple will have 300K-400K units built by the end of March, compared to an earlier target of more than one million units. Our checks suggest that Apple continues to target production of 10 million units for the full calendar year. (We also believe the primary cause of the production delay relates to a component shortage. The reported yield issues at the assembler, Hon Hai, is a secondary problem, in our view.) ”

Any production issues aside, those who pre-order the iPad can have it shipped directly to their home, or pick it up at an Apple store.

Analysts expect the company to sell 2 million to 5 million units in the first year. Obviously there’s no way to know how strong the iPad orders have been so far Friday, but that’s of course not stopping people from speculating. A blogger at Phanfare suggested iPads were selling at a brisk pace early on:

“We just bought two iPads, about 30 minutes apart. Our order IDs are 10,000 apart. Assuming those order IDs are sequential, and they appear to be, then Apple is selling 20,000 iPads per hour.”

Another guesstimate came up with a slightly bigger number, but in the same ballpark. It will be interesting to see what kind of crowd the iPad draws on launch weekend.


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I am personally unsure whether to get this or wait for v2, I think I’ll wait to see the reviews.
I hope this sells very well though, it looks a great product from what I’ve seen.


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iPhone, iPod, iPad, … iWhat´s next ??

Top Business schools around the world should be analyzing without further delays what is happening with the APPLE power.

Pschycologists may also have something to say.

But, and overall, key technology corps. marketeers must look really close to this astonishing phenomenom …

APPLE surpassed MICROSOFT maket value last week. Not big news if it were not by the fact that APPLE was a bankruptcy company at least 2 times in its recent history.

Now, it requires a deep analysis of what is happening with the social impact the “i” is having among us, not just as consumers, but as human beings as well.

More than 600 euros is the cost per unit of the new iPad… But, what is an iPad?

It is a small laptop ??
It is a single interactive screen ??

It has the cared look of the Biblic Messiah tables, some kind of mental link that, for sure, Mr Jobs did not prepare accidentally.

9.000.000 units were sold out in just hours around the planet. A simple gadget that has been capable of selling 9 million units at a cost of more than 600 euros, around 720 dollars …( if a change rate is applied to convert into US dollars ) is something worth studying.

Some time ago, many wondered if a company could survive by selling expensive gadgets from time to time, without exploring other key areas such as software, internet applications or improving connectivity standards …

When many found out the videogames mana, including X-BOX from MS Corp., Steve continued in one single direction without being tempted by huge potential returns coming from the emerging digital interconnected videogame industry.

He decided to continue with the best he can do, design and develop gadgets.

As a new gadget is released, experts and tech analysts think what will be next … what other application is due to be released next and what for ?? … What uncovered use is going to find out mr Jobs to design a new “iWhat ???”

I really think that iPad was a risky bet. I really think it. Obviously, I may be fighting against the world, since sales figure make me think I may be very wrong. But anyway, I want to expose my thinkings to all of you.

APPLE global image (always deployed as a huge media marketing campaign fuelled by a huge MOUTH-TO-WORD movement driven by the so called “early adopters” ) has become a symbol for the following attributes:

– YAEPs = Young Although Enough Prepared to succeed.
– FASHION = to carry on a Mac or an iPhone is like wearing Armani or Gucci … it has become a social standard identification card.

– MODERNITY & REBELLION against established standards.

So, at the end, it has become a LIFESTYLE, very linked to those new sysmbols such as taking a relaxed coffee at STARBUCKS or simply not wearing ties even in key meetings.

From the MARKETING perspetive, maybe there are other items to be mentioned, but I think main are those commented.

Now the question must be … Is there something more around “i” apart from a marketing master lesson ???

Are these gadgets supplying some key inventions to our daily life to improve it substantially ???

Is the iPad supplying any additional use to that achieved with a laptop + mobile phone ??? …

Maybe that includes all ??? … But if so, do you imagine someone speaking to a table like the iPad instead of using a common mobile phone ???…

Do the Armani suits have big enough pockets to get this iPad into ??? … or should be carried as a common laptop ???

Will the “iPad” be part of a supra marketing strategy from APPLE or it is simply one additional gadget from Steve´s factory without any link or articulated strategy behind it, apart from collecting the Steve´s FAMILY of GADGETS ??

Will the iPad stop the worldwide sales of Mac ??

At this time, I have not a clear idea of where all these gadgets take us ?? … Because, and if all these releases have no common link or strategy behind them, we may be attending to a not very bright future for APPLE. But, and according to the latest numbers, Steve always made us be completely wrong.

Jose Luis Revilla Escudero
Chairman & CEO
WWShares, Inc
-Private Wealth Advisors-

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