Quick quiz: How much TV do Americans watch?

March 26, 2010

One of the most surprising statistics to any media follower is that TV viewership is on the rise. You’d never know it from what you read. But it’s true — and you can be sure that Les Moonves, Jeff Gaspin and the rest of the TV honchos will want to draw attention to that nugget as we head into upfront season.

In anticipation of the upfronts, the folks over at Nielsen today came out with a TV fact sheet. They’ve got a lot of great numbers in there, and we wanted to pull a few of the most striking for you.

  • We, as average Americans, watch an average of nearly 35 hours of TV each week. That’s almost equal to a full-time job. Add to that this frightening tidbit: In the average home, there are more television sets than people.
  • About 35 percent of homes now have DVRs. Still, even within those homes, 85 percent of the prime-time viewing is done live.
  • Television is still the biggest medium for advertisers, according for 57 percent of the $117 billion spent on advertising last year.
  • And finally, here’s one for those of you who get fed up with the product/brand placement in The Biggest Loser or The Apprentice. According to Nielsen, “Television commercials which are paired with in-program product placement deliver higher brand recall (+18 pct), higher message recall (+21 pct) and higher likability (+17 pct).”

There you go.


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about two hours per day less than a decade ago, thanks to the Internet

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I’d be reluctant to call these “great numbers” – great numbness would be more like it.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCT7h-jwC WA

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Kill your television.

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[...] TV allowed.  Reuters reports that we, as average Americans, typically watch an average of nearly 35 hours of TV each week. [...]

[...] to an article in Reuters that was quoting a Neilson fact [...]

[...] American’s now watch an average of 36 hours of Television per week! [...]

[...] American’s now watch an average of 36 hours of Television per week! [...]

[...] average American watches 35 hours of TV each week – a second full time job. That’s 5 hours per day! Incredible! And [...]