Wow! My Blockbuster is closed

March 29, 2010

blockbuster for sale 2b

The fate of the Blockbuster movie rental chain really hit home this weekend when I saw a “for rent” sign on what was once a busy location. That particular shop — on a high-traffic Westchester, NY  strip, across the street from a always-busy mall — was once a bustling spot, particularly on weekends. The economy is rough, of course, but I would have bet it would outlive its smaller neighbors.

Nope. The mom-and-pop pet supply store a few doors down, which is spitting distance from a mega-PetSmart and PetGoods? Still open. The baseball card memorabilia/comic book shop? Open AND buying for sale 2

Sure, Blockbuster, which is facing tough competition from Netflix and Redbox,  has said it planned to close up to 1,560 stores by the end of this year. And I — a Netflix member and cable on-demand user — can’t remember the last time I was actually in that store. Maybe its my fault.

Nah. Even the the movie studies and cable companies want to eat Blockbusters lunch. And these are no shortage of Blockbuster gripe stories (

But I’ll tell you one thing, it will be interesting to see if Blockbuster CEO Jim Keyes can turn aroung the death spiral talk surrounding the company. He’s laid out some interesting and optimistic ideas and plans for the stores. His vision is for stores that serve as a content hub. The problem is the number of folks who still see Blockbuster as it is portrayed in this 1990’s ad:

Perhaps Keyes he can work magic on those stores. That is, the ones that are still open.

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