Is Comcast really the Worst Company In America? Really?

April 28, 2010

Comcast-worstcompanyawardBrianRobsSo Comcast ‘won’ the Worst Company In America award from readers of The Consumerist blog, which as its tagline suggests, is the place where “shoppers bite back”. Yet we have to ask, is Comcast really the worst company in America or is it all relative?

The Consumerist’s readers are likely to have contact with Comcast through its customer service. They, like many, have likely been frustrated with waiting for hours for a technician (sleeping or awake). Or maybe it’s taken Comcast a day or two too long to fix their high-definition DVR boxes?

Fairly or unfairly, Comcast’s reputation had gotten so bad the company took the opportunity of a new product launch  to change its customer-facing name to Xfinity. But it’s not just customer service. Consumerist’s readers have also been ticked off by what they see as  above-inflation price rises, throttling Internet access, and Comcast’s plans to buy NBC Universal.

Depending on your view,  some of these are clearly not customer-friendly business practices (for the others we’ll let regulators decide). Yet how does the biggest U.S. cable company compare with some of the other top companies that have had a tough time in the reputation stakes in recent months?

Take Bank of America, which incidentally made the final four on the Consumerist list. Some readers of the blog were disappointed this behemoth of Charlotte didn’t run away with the award the same way it did with taxpayers’ bailout dollars while also having to foreclose on those same consumers’ homes. As one Consumerist reader puts it: “I still think BOA was robbed. Which is ironic.”

Or the No.1 live concert ticketing company, Ticketmaster (now part of Live Nation Entertainment), whose notoriety has been earned with customer-friendly tactics like the  ‘convenience fee’ of using your own printer to print the ticket you’ve just paid for.  Consumerist readers saw it as more of a monopoly in ticketing than any cable company.

And the biggest car company Toyota? They’ve had a tough time too with the faulty accelerators. troublesome floormats and endless numbers of recalls.  Their products allegedly killed people yet Toyota is still not the worst company in America. Or maybe it’s because the top man apologized to Congress.

That Comcast could still beat out some of these much-criticized companies is probably evidence of how much Americans love their cable television. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts (pictured above) said as much on today’s conference call discussing solid first quarter earnings. Regardless, like all passionate love affairs, this one was always bound to end in tears or with a ‘golden poo’ award as depicted above.


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I deal with many many companies through both my work and travel. There are some good, some bad and some average of course. NONE are as bad as Comcast. I have dealt with many levels of idiotic behavior but none is as bad as comcast. I won’t get into the details but they miss appt., don’t do call backs they state they will numerous times, they cost way to much, they are rude, etc (the list truly goes on…)….so don’t defend this group – they are just bad and should be broken apart.

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I have done some research, and found out on, the complaints against Comcast were 545, versus 4 for WowWay, and 12 for AT&T U-verse. I looked on FaceBook, and there is an “I Hate Comcast” page and it has over 12,300+ members! There was an “I Hate AT&T” with 9 members, and there wasn’t an “I Hate WowWay” at all. Does that tell you something? I think that a class action suit should be filed against Comcast.

Posted by I_Hate_Comcast | Report as abusive

We had Comcast for internet cable. We had problems with connectivity from the beginning. Finally after 8 months, they came in and changed out the box. It turned out they had installed old and apparently defective equipment. Next we found out we could get the same service from AT&T for less than half the price. We swithched and when the technician came in to hook us up he said that our “new” Comcast box was really old. Of course the AT&T cable service has worked perfectly and much more quickly. Now we are trying to return the box to Comcast, but can’t find the location to return it. The original address is no longer a Comcast location and their phone numbers are unlisted. Worst company in America? I don’t know, but not one I want to waste my time with.

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