Microsoft CFO: Likes iPad, loves Ballmer: apps? meh

May 14, 2010

Microsoft CFO Klein

Three things we learned from chatting with Microsoft CFO Peter Klein: for one, he’s a big fan of his boss, CEO Steve Ballmer, despite their contrasting interview styles (Klein is even tempered; Ballmer is famously energetic, which I’ve witnessed first hand).

Reuters: What’s it like working with Steve Ballmer?
Klein: It’s awesome. He’s incredibly passionate, he cares about nothing except the success of the company. He’s incredibly smart. He knows the industry backwards and forward.

Reuters: Does he jump around and make your life hell sometimes?
Klein: No, he makes my life exciting everyday. It has been fabulous. He cares so much about the company. I’m a big believer in you have to be passionate about what you are doing.

Reuters: You seem so quietly spoken versus his (electric demeanor).
Klein: I think we are an awesome combination. I think the finance guy needs to be a little more measured.

Reuters: Could you someday be CEO?
Klein: I haven’t thought about that. I’m trying to be the best CFO I can be. Steve is fired up and ready to come in every day.

** Two: Klein thinks the iPad, which some see as a threat to portable PCs that use Microsoft’s Windows, is,  you know, okay.

Klein: It’s interesting. They’ve done some very nice things. There is incredible innovation across the board on hardware and software. we have seen it with Windows 7, with the work we’ve done with our OEM partners. It’s very exciting. Because it  overall grows the appeal and excitement around the whole industry. It enlarges the opportunity for everybody.

** Three: He’s not the multi-gadget-wielding tech guy you might imagine a Microsoft top dog to be.

Reuters: What is your favorite handheld App?
I’m more of a productivity guy, I use the web and I search. I use (Microsoft) Office. I don’t do that much – I’m usually on the phone talking to people.

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anyone who thinks jumping around like a monkey is balmers natural state is quite clearly nuts

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