WSJ to NYT: We meant to rip you off!

June 4, 2010

Season four of Mad Men can’t start soon enough. Till July 25, all we have is the ad-related brawl raging between The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. 

Yesterday, the Times accused the Journal of ripping off one of their ad slogans: “Not just Wall Street. Every Street.”

Indeed, the Journal meant to do exactly that, according to the following letter from Dow Jones Senior Vice President of Marketing Jennifer Jehn to Richard Samson of the New York Times legal department.

A Times spokeswoman said they don’t think “theft of intellectual property is a joke.”


Dear Mr. Samson:

We half-expected to hear from you. The other half thought you might have more important things to worry about.

When we saw the “catchy” phrase, we couldn’t help but think you were referring to the launch of our Greater New York section — the whole point of which is to cover New York beyond Wall Street.

After all, did you not have us in mind when you conceived the ad?

And are you seriously suggesting New Yorkers might be confused into thinking you were affiliated with or endorsing our New York section? We are not holding our breath for that to happen.

But don’t be too concerned. We never intended to run the ad for long.

We think we’ve made our point. And to get a rise out of you is just a special bonus.


Jennifer Jehn

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