Poll: Did Apple get it right?

July 16, 2010


Apple is giving iPhone 4 users a free phone case to address growing complaints about reception problems that have hurt the company’s shares and image.

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If users don’t like their phones take the option to return the phone and cancel your plan. My current phone get bad reception if I touch the area where the antenna is embedded. I have always used a case on my phone and my iPod Touch. So the bumper will be no different than a case. From you poll it appears most people who are complaining do not have an iPhone 4 nor did they plan to buy one.

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This is not a fix to the problem!! I have a guard, put it in your pocket and you lose the reception. So this is an amazing phone, that doesn’t make calls! It’s anti-pocket, anti-left-handed and anti-shoulder!! I want a FIX!!!

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