Apple TV? Google TV? Here’s a primer

September 1, 2010

As the world knows (perhaps too well) by now, Apple unveiled its latest version of Apple TV on Wednesday. Maybe you’re not familiar with Apple TV (even Steve Jobs admits it didn’t sell all that well) or maybe you’re just confused about the whole web-to-television thing (who could blame you?).  And how does Google TV fit into all of this? Reporter Liana B. Baker gives us a breakdown.

Apple: $99
Google: Not yet announced

Apple: Apple TV is a compact box that hooks into TVs and allows viewers to stream shows and movies that they have rented or downloaded from iTunes. It requires an Internet connection and can access YouTube, Flickr and other sites. It can stream music from iTunes and play shows or movies that have been downloaded on separate devices from iTunes. Apple TV can be controlled through iPods, iPhones and iPads after downloading an app.
Google: Google TV will allow viewers to search and watch programs from the Internet and their DVR recordings. Sony TVs and blu-ray players, as well as Logitech TVs, will come with Google TV installed. A separate stand-alone device is also available. The software has a Chrome Web browser built in so users can access whatever videos, photos, music and games are online. The Android Market will be on Google TV starting in 2011.

Apple: Chief Executive Steve Jobs said Apple TV would be available in a month, and the devices can be pre-ordered now.
Google: Unknown date this fall.

Apple: TV shows will cost 99 cents to rent, movies will cost $4.99 to $2.99 to rent.
Google: All free online content can be accessed. DISH Network subscribers can also browse and watch their content with the device.

Apple: Netflix,  News Corp, Walt Disney Co

Google: Sony, Logitech, Intel and DISH Network

Apple: This is the second incarnation of the Apple TV. Jobs has said the first version, released in 2006, has “never been a huge hit.”
Google: This is the first Google TV of its kind for the company.

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The Logitech Revue with Google TV came out at about the ending of 2010, and I made sure to get one! It’s $299 for retailers and only $179 if you’re a DISH Network employee or subscriber like me! You can integrate it with your DVR and get more functionality than anybody! Searching is a breeze. You even have access to Netflix, and even an app called Crackle which lets you enjoy free (little older) movies! One of my fav apps for sure! Nothing beats watching True Blood and tweeting about it, at the same exact time! Lol Google TV is awesome!

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