How much will Google TV cost?

October 4, 2010

Almost five months after telling the world about its television aspirations, Internet search giant Google is providing more details on its forthcoming Google TV service.

The first devices featuring Google TV, from Sony and Logitech, will be available this month, Google said in a blog post on Monday.

Google also listed a variety of media and technology companies whose content and services will be available on Google TV, including HBO, Netflix, Twitter and music video website Vevo.

GoogTVScreenGoogle’s efforts to conquer the living room represent another front in its increasing rivalry with Apple, with the two tech companies also competing in smartphones, tablets and mobile advertising.

In September, Apple announced a new, overhauled version of its struggling Apple TV product, which will allow users to rent television shows for 99 cents a pop from News Corp’s Fox and Walt Disney Co’s ABC (It probably doesn’t hurt that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is on Disney’s board of directors).

For its part, Google is pushing its partnership with HBO as one of its marquee premium content offerings.

The HBO service will allow existing HBO subscribers, who receive cable TV service from Comcast or Verizon, to watch up to 600 hours of HBO shows at their leisure. Of course, HBO already offered Verizon and Comcast customers the ability to do this on the Web – now those folks can also watch the latest episode of “Boardwalk Empire” or “Bored to Death” on Google TV.

The big question, though, is how much Google TV will actually cost. Perhaps we’ll learn more later this week, when Logitech is holding a media conference to unveil its line-up of Google TV devices.


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Posted by Google looks to upstage Apple with new Google TV content teasers – Apple Insider • Apple TV Australia | Report as abusive

I have seen Google TV prices quoted in the $100 range. This is just for the tv top box hardware. This seems to be quite high, considering that customer support will be virtually non-existent.
Another way to get online tv is with TV software like
LiveTV-On-PC (dot com). It installs right on a PC and launches shows and broadcasts. It seems infinitely easier than google tv looks.

Posted by JenniferWeb | Report as abusive

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Posted by Music coming to Google TV – CNET • Apple TV Australia | Report as abusive

$100 would be awesome!! and cheap!

Seen as google android is awesome, and how gTv looks like android right off the hop, I am guessing this is going to be a great alternative to having a pc close to your tv.

this is going to replace my appleTV and my xbmc setup.

Posted by tyguy123 | Report as abusive

With DVD Record and On Demand, both from Comcast and searching the web from my Play Station 3, it doesn’t make sense for me to pay an additional feed for this … I think this is dead in the water before it arrives …

Posted by pfeels | Report as abusive

Google TV is definitely opening a new segment offering with browser capability and flash to bring web to TV. But the current package with its baggage of additional cost and current backlash by major studio sounds trouble. Google has further asked some hardware makers not to announce additional products coming with Google TV yet. Seems newer improved software in waiting!

Posted by NitinNarang | Report as abusive

$100 is too much. I am more with the idea to pay if I use. Anyway I have Netflix and much more on the net. Too much to do. I don’t have time to watch tv, only sometimes! I think this will be like Google Plus.

Posted by smelicio | Report as abusive