Researchers use Intel chips to build better football helmets

November 16, 2010

 Football players infamously take a serious amount of punishment. Now, Intel is offering up a way to measure the extent of that pootential physical damage.

footballIntel is currently working with universities and a sports equipment maker to build an intelligent football helmet.

Researchers and helmet-maker Riddell are using clusters of computers powered by Intel chips to rapidly compute the risks and ways that a football player could be injured as he slams into a 220 lb linebacker and other typical head impacts.

And some of that data comes from real-life collisions as players suit up with helmets decked out with instruments to measure the forces involved.

Intel’s Atom processors, which are ubiquitous in PC netbooks, could eventually be¬†embedded in helmets, letting doctors monitor the effect of massive and potentially health-endangering blows suffered by professional football players as they play.

Researchers from Texas State University, Dartmouth, University of Northern Colorado and other schools demonstrated their research at a supercomputing event in New Orleans on Monday.

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