GlobalMedia-3D? After some thought, News Corp COO likes its future

November 29, 2010

carey1To our surprise, News Corp President and Chief Operating Officer Chase Carey, whose studio released the highest grossing movie of all time in 3D, hesitated when asked about the future of that technology.

Carey, speaking at the Reuters Global Media Summit in New York, was asked whether he rated a series of technologies “long” or “short” and raced through most of the list without hesitating until faced with 3D.

“Ummm … (pause) … long, but long with limits,” Carey said of 3D. “I don’t think it’s (high definition), so those who sort of think it’s the second coming of HD, I think it is an event medium that’s for films, for sports events.”

Twentieth Century Fox film studio released “Avatar” last year with new 3D technology, grossing $2.8 billion globally. However, clunky 3D glasses are one thing many believe will hold back the technology’s acceptance in the home.

“(3D) will be out there, but until you’ve tackled the glasses thing I think people aren’t popping home at 7 o’clock at night, 8 o’clock at night and popping on (3D) glasses to watch TV,” Carey added. “The richness of that experience is real, but I think as long as it’s got the glasses it becomes an event, so somewhere where it becomes more seamless without the glasses so we should probably just say long.” 

For the record, Carey, who addressed the future of MySpace, was also long on tablets, social media and apps. Meanwhile, he was short on gesture interfaces like Microsoft’s Kinect, physical media like Blu-ray DVDs and bypassing cable or pay-TV subscriptions by watching everything on the Internet.

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