Michael Dell: We’re hiring, but show me your skills

December 9, 2010

USA/Michael Dell says — in no uncertain terms — that his company, which shed thousands of jobs over the past few years, is hiring. There’s only one problem: it can’t find enough qualified people.

“I’m amazed at this,” he said in an interview with Reuters on Thursday at the company’s Round Rock, Texas headquarters. Dell employs around 100,000 people.

“We go in our meetings and we need more of these, and more of these people –hiring, hiring, hiring. And then you look at 9.7 percent unemployment and you say: ‘whats going on here?’ The people and skills we’re looking for, they’re not there. And so, the educational institutions need to do a better job creating these new skills.”

Dell’s solution? It has so-called “universities” it uses to train its own workforce. But the company is still short of skilled workers.

Dell, one of the world’s richest men, founded his namesake company in the 1980s while still in college. In 1992, at age of 27, Dell became the youngest CEO of a company in the Fortune 500.

He said the company’s torrid growth in the early days saw huge amounts of hiring of skilled workers.

“How did Dell grow 80 percent per year for the first eight years and 60 percent a year for the six years after that. No acquisitions. We hired and trained a lot of people. So we know how to do that. There aren’t enough of them out there. I just find it fascinating that you have this high unemployment yet we’re hiring and we’re not finding them.”

“I want to put a massive ‘we’re hiring’ sign out… And here’s the other thing that’s important, we’re hiring in the U.S.”


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I used to work for Tech Support at Dell. In fact, I was a Lev II tech, coach and trainer. I do not regret saying that I’m glad I’m done with that company. I got some great experience there. Six years of working there just to be fired when Dell on Call was eliminated to send the jobs to India….please. When they then decided to rehire people, I was rejected because I didn’t have my A+ cert, yet had my MCDST which Dell forced me to get. I answered every interview question quickly and correctly. I know their systems inside and out. I have never felt so unappreciated in my entire life. They made a huge mistake in letting me go. Michael Dell: Thanks but no thanks.

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It’s all good and well to push positive PR for the world Michael, how about treating your current employees fairly?

What about better pay, to catch up with the industry rates + inflation?
And can we have our benefits back? Stock Participation Plan for one.

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