Live coverage of the iPad 2 launch

March 2, 2011

iPad2 invite

Live coverage of the expected announcement of Apple’s iPad 2. The event will begin Wednesday March 2 at 10 a.m. Pacific/ 1 p.m. Eastern.

Will Steve Jobs show up? Will Tim Cook pull off a major Apple launch alone? Is the rumored iPad 3 the one to wait for? How have investors traded on the news of big Apple launches?

Until Apple launched the iPad last January, the market for tablet computers was little more than the junkyard heap of laptops with touchscreens found on eBay.  On Wednesday, Apple aims to secure its dominance in a market it (re)created with the expected launch of the iPad 2. Join our correspondents Gabriel Madway and Alexei Oreskovic at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center and others around Reuters for a live discussion of the biggest tech event this week.




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@XoomXoom, 1 device per year is a heckuvva lot better than products like the HP Frankenslate that was announced last year and retired before it could go into production. Yes, the average iPad will be a several-month-old design when sold but Apple is making the case here that it skates towards where the puck will be, at least as well as competitors. You can’t say that your eponym tablet had a competitive edge even for the 5 days it was on sale before this; you can’t say that the Playbook has a competitive edge despite more flexible timing and you can’t say the Galaxy, despite being on its second iteration, looks more powerful/attractive/nicely-s/w-equipped.

So your point is theoretically true but not actually. Not at all.

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@GarciaM25, thanks for sharing your fascination for a heavy (3X the iPad2!) device with the most tablet-hostile OS (Win7) currently available to masochists all over the world, with an unspecified but probably much shorter battery life. (Slightly higher watt-hr rating but Win7 has always been a guzzler.)

So you’re dead right: it’s just as funny as comparing a GMC Silverado to a lineup of sports sedans. Nobody will tell you you’re an idiot for buying the Dell monster, but it just ain’t designed to do what tablets do.

Now as for your childish name-calling: yes, people might disparage your social, emotional AND intellectual quotients.

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Did they mention that the wifi problems would be solved?

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