Introducing Nintendo’s Wii U

June 7, 2011

The new Nintendo Wii


Nintendo just announced the successor to the Wii at the annual U.S. video game confab, E3 on Tuesday.

Here’s what we know so far:

The new console is the first Nintendo device to support HD graphics. Its controller features a 6.2-inch touch-screen that works as a second display showing the same images being played on TV. The screen can also provide gamers with additional information to give them an edge over competitors. It can run old Nintendo games, has motion-sensor capabilities and can be used in conjunction with Wii controllers, the company said. Additional hands not included!

  • plays 10 adp full HD graphics, can connect to HDMI
  • will play proprietary high density discs and downloaded content
  • hits stores between April 1 2012 and December 2012
  • no HD video on touchscreen, but the new console will deliver HD video on TV screens

More to come…

Here’s some guy making a fool of himself playing the Wii U, next to another guy shaking for no discernible reason.


Untitled from Liana Baker on Vimeo.


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its 1080 p not 10 adp. lol

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Bah.. Now to sell my Wii before gamestop lowers its trade value to 20$ like they do every time a new console is announced.. Then place a pre order even though I don’t really want this -_-

Damn you Nintendo for tapping into my inner child!

Also anyone know if there’s anywhere that you can pre order from? Amazon doesn’t have it up yet and the only site I saw that has some sort of recognition for pre orders is but even there you still can’t pre order.

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