News of the World hacking scandal: UK’s Miliband speaks out

July 8, 2011

UK opposition leader Ed Miliband called on the British media to clean up its image and emphasized the need for a speedy public inquiry into the News of the World phone-hacking scandal. Watch clips of Miliband’s comments at a Thomson Reuters Newsmaker event below:

Miliband to British media: “Clean up your image”

Miliband calls for judge-led inquiry into phone-hacking scandal

Miliband wants media watchdog scrapped

Miliband calls for BSkyB referral

Miliband urges UK Prime Minister David Cameron to apologize

Follow our live coverage of the phone-hacking scandal below:

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[…] Thomson Reuters Newsmaker event in London today made headlines with a speech by Labour party leader Ed Miliband on the UK media […]

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Hard to take Ed “These Strikes Are Wrong” Miliband seriously after his broken record soundbite interview. One must seriously consider whether he has been kidnapped and replaced with a malfunctioning cyborg a la Stepford Wives. I’m not sure a human could have been capable of replicating the exact same statement so many times no matter how much effort they put into memorization. I have to say, the evidence points toward cyborg. Which may not be such a bad thing, given the character of his political opponents. jul/01/ed-miliband-interviewer-shame-str ike-soundbites

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