Tech wrap: Netflix jacks prices, adds DVD-only option

July 12, 2011

Netflix subscribers could see their monthly bill increase starting this fall. The company announced it is doing away with a combo plan that lets customers watch unlimited movies and TV shows online and get DVDs by mail for $9.99 a month. Starting in September, current subscribers who want both services will have to pay $7.99 per month to rent one DVD plus an added $7.99 for unlimited streaming, for a total of $15.98 a month. That’s an increase of 60 percent. The new pricing begins immediately for new customers. Old-fashioned types who just want DVDs now have the option of an unlimited DVD-only plan that costs $7.99 for one at a time or $9.99 for two at a time. Good or bad news, depending on how you use Netflix.

Changes are afoot in Apple’s legal department. The tech giant’s chief patent lawyer Richard “Chip” Lutton Jr. plans to leave the company soon, sources close to the matter told Reuters. So who will Apple tap to oversee the many legal battles it’s fighting against rival smartphone makers around the world? Apple is mum on the matter, but BJ Watrous, a former deputy general counsel with Hewlett-Packard, is now listed as Apple’s chief intellectual property counsel on Watrous’s LinkedIn Web page.

Would Research in Motion be better off as two companies? That’s an idea that was floated on Tuesday by an analyst at RBC Capital Markets, who argued that the BlackBerry maker could spur innovation by splitting itself up into separate network and handset businesses. The Waterloo, Ontario-based firm has fallen behind rivals in recent months, leaving investors hungry for news about how the company intends to reverse its lackluster performance.

The deals just got bigger on Groupon, literally. The online daily deal company offered its first car coupon on Tuesday, a sign the firm is expanding into bigger-ticket items. Groupon offered a $199 deal good for $500 off the purchase or lease of a new or pre-owned vehicle at LaFontaine Auto dealership in Detroit, reports Reuters correspondent Alistair Barr.


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Once the change is made I will drop their DVD service, Keep the streaming and use Redbox.
Netflix just Failed.

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This is some straight BS

They’re trying to push everyone to streaming when they know their online service is TWISTED: Poor picture quality, out of order episodes, Bogus nobodys ever heard of this titles. I think I’m actually going to finally get twitter so I can complain on as many social media outlets as possible!!

I can’t wait for the free market to prevail and for someone to undercut the hell out of their price for their new ridiculous plan.

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This increase is ridiculous Netflix is (was) good, but too expensive now. An alternative is the service from “TVDevo” website that runs well and consumes less bandwidth. I found out about it on the CNN site a while ago and have been using it since.

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