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July 18, 2011

This liveblog has expired, updates past 10am on July 20th, 2011 can be found here. is liveblogging House of Commons debate

Factbox on today’s committee hearings:

Timeline of events in the hacking scandal so far:
Who’s who in the hacking scandal:

Hearing highlights:
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July 20, 2011

Latest (10am ET)

Liveblogging the House of Commons debate : Reuters

Special report – Murdoch affair spotlights UK’s dirty detectives : Reuters

July 19, 2011

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(4:23pm ET)

Explainer: Your 5-minute guide to the News Corp. phone hacking scandal : Mallory Jean Tenore, Poynter (via @WithDrake)

(2:54pm ET)

Piers Morgan tweeted after an MP twice referred to his book stating that it contains passages where Piers performed phone hacking to obtain information. Morgan was once editor of News of the World during the 1990s.

(12:10am ET)

Man attacked Rupert Murdoch with a plate full of what appears to be cream or pie. Screen shot of man in custody of police from BBC live feed:

Video of attack

Screen capture of attack intercepted by appears to be Janet Nova, via @FelixSalmon

Wendi Murdoch jumps into the fray, screen capture via ABC News

Video of attacker led away by police.

(11am ET)

Analysis: Murdochs and Brooks face parliament : Storyful

Rupert Murdoch says he was misled

Statement prepared by Rupert Murdoch for the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee

London, 19 July, 2011

Prior to his appearance before the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee, Rupert Murdoch, Chairman and CEO, News Corporation, prepared the following statement:

Mr. Chairman. Select Committee Members:

With your permission, I would like to read a short statement.

My son and I have come here with great respect for all of you, for Parliament and for the people of Britain whom you represent.

This is the most humble day of my career.

After all that has happened, I know we need to be here today. Before going further, James and I would like to say how sorry we are for what has happened – especially with regard to listening to the voicemail of victims of crime. My company has 52,000 employees. I have led it for 57 years and I have made my share of mistakes. I have lived in many countries, employed thousands of honest and hardworking journalists, owned nearly 200 newspapers and followed countless stories about people and families around the world.

At no time do I remember being as sickened as when I heard what the Dowler family had to endure – nor do I recall being as angry as when I was told that the News of the World could have compounded their distress. I want to thank the Dowlers for graciously giving me the opportunity to apologise in person.

I would like all the victims of phone hacking to know how completely and deeply sorry I am. Apologizing cannot take back what has happened. Still, I want them to know the depth of my regret for the horrible invasions into their lives.

I fully understand their ire. And I intend to work tirelessly to merit their forgiveness. I understand our responsibility to cooperate with today’s session as well as with future inquiries. We will respond to your questions to the best of our ability and follow up if we are not capable of answering anything today. Please remember that some facts and information are still being uncovered.

We now know that things went badly wrong at the News of the World. For a newspaper that held others to account, it failed when it came to itself. The behavior that occurred went against everything that I stand for. It not only betrayed our readers and me, but also the many thousands of magnificent professionals in our other divisions around the world.

So, let me be clear in saying: invading people’s privacy by listening to their voicemail is wrong. Paying police officers for information is wrong. They are inconsistent with our codes of conduct and neither has any place, in any part of the company I run.

But saying sorry is not enough. Things must be put right. No excuses. This is why News International is cooperating fully with the police whose job it is to see that justice is done. It is our duty not to prejudice the outcome of the legal process. I am sure the committee will understand this.

I wish we had managed to see and fully solve these problems earlier. When two men were sent to prison in 2007, I thought this matter had been settled. The police ended their investigations and I was told that News International conducted an internal review. I am confident that when James later rejoined News Corporation he thought the case was closed too.

These are subjects you will no doubt wish to explore today. This country has given me, our companies and our employees many opportunities. I am grateful for them. I hope our contribution to Britain will one day also be recognised.

Above all, I hope that, through the process that is beginning with your questions today, we will come to understand the wrongs of the past, prevent them from happening again and, in the years ahead, restore the nation’s trust in our company and in all British journalism.

I am committed to doing everything in my power to make this happen.

Thank you. We are happy to answer your question

(10:40am ET)

(9am ET)

Ed Fraser, Channel 4 news

Guardian editor Jonathan Haynes

Who is who in phone hacking scandal : Infographic via Guardian

(8:05am ET)

Murdoch hacking scandal shakes up media industry

Stephenson on why he resigned

Hacking suspect was police ‘informer’ while working as crime reporter for NoW : Tom Harper, London Evening Standard

Neal Mann of Sky News

Police chief Stephenson denies criticising Cameron : Keith Weir, Reuters

James Murdoch and Sir Paul Stephenson arrive at parliament this morning. Video via Britain’s Channel 4 News

David Rose, assistant news editor at The Times

(12:03am ET)

Could News Corp end up in play? : Felix Salmon, Reuters

Former News of the World editor Piers Morgan takes on tabloid scandal : Burgess Everett, Politico

Earlier today hacking group @Lulzsec hacked, and

As of 12:03am both and are still down, while appears to be back up

July 18, 2011

(8:44pm ET)

News Corp’s board is fully behind CEO Rupert Murdoch, according to board source : Yinka Adegoke, Reuters

(8:20pm ET)

News Corp is considering promoting Chief Operating Officer Chase Carey, a 23-year veteran with the company, to the position of CEO to succeed Rupert Murdoch, who would remain as chairman, Bloomberg reports. The report said that a decision has not yet been made and depends on Murdoch’s performance before British Parliament. Carey is favored by investors in the United States to take control of the business if Murdoch, 80, stands down. News Corp was not immediately available for comment.

(6pm ET)

Former News of the World editor Piers Morgan will address the hacking scandal at his former paper tonight on his CNN show.

Lulzsec now has the Sun website redirecting to @Lulzsec

(5pm ET)

Hacker group Lulzsec hacked the Sun website to redirect to a fake story about Rupert Murdoch found dead. Screen shot via Gizmodo


@Lulzsec tweets their hack

(4pm ET)

News Corp put on negative credit watch by S&P, AFP reports

Alan Rusbridger of Guardian links to story regarding bag with computer, phone and papers found in trash near Rebekah Brooks’ home

News Corp (NWS) closed at 14.97 on NASDAQ, down 4.32% for the day : Reuters

Yates resignation video via Telegraph

(3pm ET)

James Murdoch shouldn’t be kicked out of BSkyB : Hugo Dixon, Reuters Breakingviews

Murdoch struggles for control as scandal grows : Carol Nymowitz, Jeffrey McCracken and Amy Thomson, Bloomberg

Murdoch aides long tried to blunt scandal over hacking : Jo Becker and Ravi Somaiya, New York Times

Andy Davies, Home Affairs Correspondent at Channel 4 News

(2pm ET)

Labour leader Ed Miliband issues statement on hacking affair.

PDF version of Reuters special report on Rebekah Brooks

Analysis – Murdoch scandal damages PM and hits establishment : Peter Apps, Reuters

Sean Hoare knew how destructive the News of the World could be : Nick Davies, Guardian

(1pm ET)

James Murdoch BSkyB role clouded, News Corp shares fall : Sinead Cruise and Victoria Thieberger, Reuters

Rupert Murdoch vs. News Corp shareholders : Felix Salmon, Reuters

Guardian Editor in Chief Alan Rusbridger

Here’s the New York Times article that Guardian Editor in Chief Alan Rusbridger is referring to.

News of the World whistle blower found dead : Amelia Hill, James Robinson and Caroline Davies, Guardian

(12pm ET)

News Corp. press release regarding Management and Standards Committee

Cameron defends actions as scandal fells police chief : Keith Weir and Peter Griffths, Reuters 

Neal Mann of Sky News

Yates making live statement, watch at BBC

BBC presenter Andrew Neil on how important James Murdoch’s appearance tomorrow at Parliament is to BSkyB shareholders

VIDEO: Michael Wolff sees Murdoch stepping down as News Corp CEO “There is no alternative” : Bloomberg

(11am ET)

Great spoof video: Hackgate The Movie h/t @Counterparties

(10am ET)

BBC business editor Robert Peston : “News Corporation is institutionalising the process of dealing with the police and cleaning up its UK operations by lifting its management standards committee out of its UK arm, News International. The committee will now become part of News Corporation and will report to a News Corp director, Joel Klein.”

2010 video of Boris Johnson calling phone hacking story “codswallop cooked up by the Labour party” – h/t @RobertMackey

Rupert Murdoch gave Rebekah Brooks a $5.6 million severance package : Glynnis MacNicol, Business Insider

(9am ET)

Met police statement on John Yates:

“The MPA’s Professional Standards Cases Sub-committee met today. The committee considered allegations concerning Assistant Commissioner John Yates and after lengthy and careful deliberations decided to suspend the Assistant Commissioner. Suspension is not a disciplinary sanction and it is emphasised that suspension should not be taken as a presumption of guilt. Assistant Commissioner Yates has been informed of this decision. A number of matters have been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, including one involving Assistant Commissioner Yates…It is not our practice to release details about ongoing investigations.”

LIVE VIDEO: London mayor Boris Johnson answering questions on Met police and hacking investigation

Second top police official resigns amid hacking scandal : Keith Weir, Reuters

(1:30am ET)

The worst is yet to come for Murdoch : Michael Pascoe, The Age

News Corp shares tumble as hacking scandal deepens : Victoria Thieberger, Reuters

July 17, 2011

(11pm ET)

Interview with the News International’s director of corporate affairs

The Murdoch media game changer : Stephen Mayne, ABC

(10pm ET)

News America Marketing’s $655 million payout over corporate espionage charges : David Carr, New York Times

Rupert Murdoch peer: “He’s dead money” : Johnnie L. Roberts, The Wrap

What’s next for News Corp and its worlds : Jeff Jarvis, Buzzmachine

(8pm ET)

Rebekah Brooks released on bail : Brenda Goh, Kate Holton and Michael Roddy, Reuters

Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones seek to distance themselves from actions of News of the World and News International : WSJ

(5pm ET)

Dow Jones Panel concerned about hacking scandal : Liana B. Baker and Jennifer Saba, Reuters

New York Times correspondence with Scotland Yard denying information requests : New York Times

(3pm ET)

Top police chief resigns over phone hacking : Mohammed Abbas, Reuters

(2pm ET)

Metropolitan police chief Stephenson resigns : Official statement

(12pm ET)

Labour MP Chris Bryant, who led a recent House of Commons debate on phone hacking, questioned whether her arrest was a “ruse” ahead of the committee hearing : Channel 4

(11am ET)

Video : Dowler Lawyer Mark Lewis : “The timing of Rebekah Brooks’ arrest stinks”

Rebekah Brooks may not appear at a British parliamentary hearing next week following her arrest : Mohammad Abbas, Reuters

(10am ET)

Rebekah Brooks arrested : Mohammad Abbas, Reuters

Analysis: News Corporation reaches its make or break conclusion : Peter Kirwan, Wired

(6am ET)

NewsInt ad, in today’s Sunday Times (via @fieldproducer)

Click here for full size

(4:30am ET)

My Time Undercover at News of the World : Ben Myers, Vice

Met police chief Dick Fedorcio will face Home Affairs committee on Tuesday, July 19th :

Parliment member who will lead inquiry has ties to Murdoch aide Les Hinton, Elisabeth Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks – Jane Merrick, Brian Brady, James Hanning and Andy McCorkell, Independent

Emma Gilbey Keller regarding the Parliament hearings

July 16, 2011

(5pm ET)

Labour Leader Ed Miliband : Rupert Murdoch’s Empire Must Be Dismantled : Toby Helm, Jamie Doward and Daniel Boffey, Guardian

Phone hacking: Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson faces questions of health spa stay : Telegraph

(4pm ET)

Scotland Yard held evidence, didn’t actively pursue News of the World : Don Van Natta, New York Times

Rebekah Brooks in line for 3.5 million pound payout : James Chapman, Daily Mail

Elisabeth Murdoch alledged to say her brother James and Rebekah Brooks “fucked the company” : Jamie Doward and Lisa O’Carroll, Guardian

Reuters Special Report: Inside Rebekah Brooks’ News of the World : Georgina Prodhan and Kate Holton, Reuters

Murdoch Reporters Report on Murdoch : Robert Mackey, The Lede

Murdochs fight to stay afloat in US as sharks circle News Corp : Paul Harris, Guardian


News Corp Hires Law Firm Williams & Connolly : New York Times

Murdoch Runs “I’m Sorry” Ads : Slatest

Timeline of News of the World scandal : CNN

Murdoch Apologizes to Family of Murdered Schoolgirl Whose Phone News of the World Hacked : New York Daily News

Saudi Invested Suggested Brooks Had to Go : The Lede

Coulson visited Cameron After Quitting Government Job : Matt Falloon and Keith Weir, Reuters

Lawyers and PR experts drill Rupert Murdoch before parliamentary grilling : Daniel Boffey, Guardian

Tabloid Hack Attack on Royals and Beyond : Don Van Natta Jr, Jo Becker, and Graham Bowley, New York Times

Met Police Put Pressure on Guardian over Coverage : Vikram Dodd, Guardian

Is Piers Morgan connected to phone hacking scandal? : Lucas Shaw, Reuters

CNN keeping mum about Piers Morgan hacking allegations : D.M. Levine, Ad Week

Piers Morgan comments regarding Rupert Murdoch : AP

Interesting exchange between News Corp shareholder and Rupert Murdoch regarding phone hacking on October 15, 2010 : Mayne Report

@ProducerMatthew regarding a guest of Don Lemon’s on CNN

Novelist and radio host Kurt Anderson regarding ties between Cameron and News of the World

Here’s the New York Times article he’s referring to


How Twitter Tracked the News of the World Scandal : Guardian

Interactive timeline of the hacking scandal : New York Times



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