Comments on: Facebook’s ads: now 68 percent more likely not to be forgotten Where media and technology meet Wed, 16 Nov 2016 08:48:25 +0000 hourly 1 By: chuhai Wed, 14 Sep 2011 22:42:31 +0000 Google+ and Facebook are pretty much the same exact things. They are both competing with eachother but still avoid the main issues these days. Facebook AND Google are covered in ads and all of them have trackers of course. Though the ad is placed on your page, you are not gaining anything from them being there or the fact that you “like” an ad and your friends see that you “like” it causing more business for them as well.

The ONLY social networking site out there that allows THE USER to make the money off of ads placed on their profiles is ONLYMEWORLD. Not only do they focus on USER PRIVACY by not asking for the users real name or e-mail, but they focus on helping the user make money as well especially in such a tight economy.