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Have you ever tried to do serious research on the internet? Look at the slop that passes for research on Yahoo! Answers and much of Wikipedia. Just for starters. There is good stuff but most is crap. Serious journalism does cost money, which is why the FT costs £2 a day and Reuters does not give away its company research.

I would trust the BBC a lot more than any of the first four posters here. What are a bunch of Sun reading knuckle draggers doing on a serious business site?

By: SenechalduBaron Tue, 27 Sep 2011 09:56:59 +0000 I’ll get back to you when I take seriously a word this guy says. Hard to say what’s worst about the BBC – the endless patronising drivel, the corporation’s self-obsession, or the big lie at the heart of the corporation: its insistence that we all love it so dearly, while simultaneously employing a vast private police force to ensure that anyone who refuses to pay for it can be sent to prison. There may be a case for public broadcasting, but the BBC is not a public broadcaster. It operates entirely in its own interests and those of the politicians who sustain it.

By: Donnelt Tue, 27 Sep 2011 06:18:01 +0000 “The commercial fundamentals may not be quite so challenging in the global broadcast arena”

They never are when you can exact revenues on pain of imprisonment from everyone whether or not they want your crappy product.

By: tombaldwinscoke Mon, 26 Sep 2011 21:33:27 +0000 This is mark Thompson of the BBC…the man who happily admits they are in the pockets of the Labour party…in the past and seemingly still are, who fail to report that the Guardian are some of the worst hackers and whose journos have been accused of paying MET police for information on the hacking inquiry!
Oh….and the BBC who wasted over £2billion+ of the publics money on new vanity building work… a recession….just to please their union lackies!

yep…thanks for that Mr Thompson!

By: CharlietheChump Mon, 26 Sep 2011 17:27:25 +0000 OK, OK we get it, BBC all good, nasty internet bad, cant be trusted, not professional, also too cheap compared to bloated journo/exec packages and bureaucracy?

This from the organisation that championed the EU/Euro lie.

Keep on dreaming baby but when you wake up it will all be so different . . .