Apple’s iPhone invite tips its hand — sort of…

September 27, 2011

If you use Twitter or Facebook, or even just know someone who’s on one of those online social networking services, you’ve probably heard today’s big news ad nauseum by now: Apple is holding an iPhone-related press event on October 4.

The invite, which landed in reporters’ email inboxes at 8am Pacific Time on Tuesday morning, set off the usual frenzy of speculation across the Web about what the new version of the iPhone will look like, what marvels it will perform and when it will be available (October 15, according to a French telecom exec).

Interestingly, Apple actually specified that the event was related to its iPhone – a rare giveaway from the tech giant, whose infamously cryptic invitations can invite the sort of analysis — from bloggers and Apple aficionados alike — typically reserved for Federal Reserve statements.

Perhaps the more straightforward invitation is a sign of changing times, with Tim Cook having officially replaced Steve Jobs as Chief Executive last month. (The June invitation for Apple’s iCloud launch, when Cook was interim CEO, also tipped its hand about the event topic).

Of course, Apple-watchers can’t help themselves.

Various blogs quickly dissected the image on Apple’s invitation on Tuesday, which depicts four familiar icons found on Apple’s iPhones. The date and time icons are simple enough, representing when the event will be held. The maps icon appears to represent Apple’s Cupertino headquarters at One Infinite Loop.

The fourth icon shows the phone icon with the number 1 alongside it (which in real-life would indicate one missed call).  Business Insider wondered whether the 1 might signify that only one new iPhone model will be introduced.

Meanwhile, Wall Street analyst Colin Gillis opted to read into the three-word line in the invitation: Let’s talk iPhone.

According to Gillis, the word “talk” could be a reference to some sort of voice-recognition feature in the new phone. He noted that Apple acquired Siri in 2010, a company that was developing technology that lets people speak to their iPhone, but that Siri has disappeared off the map since the acquisition.

Then of course, there’s the fact that Apple is holding the event at its corporate headquarters, the first time in some time that the company has done a major product launch on home turf instead of at high-profile San Francisco venues such as the Moscone Center and the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Could it be that Cook wants to be in the comfort of his own backyard for his first big launch as CEO? Or could having it on Apple’s campus make it easier for Jobs, who has survived pancreatic cancer and went on medical leave before officially resigning in August, to attend the event?

Or perhaps, as AllThingsD noted when it first reported that Apple was moving the event back on campus, it’s as simple as the fact that Oracle snagged all the best locations in San Francisco for its OpenWorld conference.

Whatever the case may be, Apple seems to be doing away with some of the suspense that has usually surrounded its past invitations, such as the 2009 invitation that featured the lyrics to The Rolling Stones’ “Only Rock n Roll” and the 2010 invite to see the company’s “latest creation,” which turned out to be the iPad.


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Believe they’re holding event at the Loop instead of Yerba to make it easier for SJ to be there.

Posted by DannyRoxanne | Report as abusive

I think we will see all these apps improved, and not just on iPhone 5 but on iPhone 4 in many cases as well. As usual, they will improve it where it makes sense for 1 or 2 older models, just like iPod, Mac, etc…

The setting doesn’t make the much difference to me as I never go in person, but I hope that having it on campus will allow them to control the WIFI interference that usually happens when you get so many geeks and reporters in one room, all wanting to set up their own WIFI networks, etc…

As for hardware, I hope to see 1 iPhone for most all networks, finally. Also, iPhone 4 should be $99 now, and nothing, in the rest of the market can touch that–it’s still by far the leading phone and the most sought after.

Posted by Wolfie-gang | Report as abusive