Verizon throws weight behind Motorola’s Droid Razr for the holidays

November 4, 2011

(Correction: The name “Droid” was originally misspelled in the headline.)

Verizon Wireless is bringing its considerable marketing and promotional resources to bear on the Droid Razr from Motorola Mobility, kicking off an advertising blitz this week for a gadget that the once-mighty cellphone maker hopes will make a splash this feastive season.

The campaign launched ironically just a few hours after Verizon’s executives were honored guests at a splashy event to launch ReZound, a rival phone from HTC (pictured on the left).  “Today we’re focused predominantly focused on Rezound“, Verizon Wireless spokesman Howard Waterman said.

But he went on to describe how Verizon Wireless will  kick off sci-fi style teaser television ads for the latest Motorola phone that same evening.  While Verizon is  offering several new phones for the holidays, it plans to promote Motorola’s ahead of rivals Apple Inc’s  iPhone, the Samsung  Galaxy Nexus — and HTC’s Rezound.

Razr “is clearly going to be the phone we’ll focus on and have tremendous adertising weight on in the fourth quarter,” said Waterman.

The Razr is the first Motorola smartphone to be launched after Google announced its intention to buy the storied technology icon.

If past campaigns are any indicator, operator advertising can prove crucial to a phone’s success. Heavy promotion of Motorola’s first Droid in 2009 was the key to helping the embattled phone maker back on its feet after years of market share losses.

“Verizon single-handedly kept Motorola afloat,” said Current Analysis analyst Avi Greengart.

Early adopters could favor the Galaxy Nexus for the holiday’s because it is the first phone to be powered by Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of Google Inc’s Android software.  But the wider consumer audience may take their cues from advertising, Greengart said.

“For regular consumers that’s going to be interesting to watch. Advertising definitely makes an enormous difference,” he said. “If a consumer walks into a floor having a sense this is a product they should already be loooking for that gives it a significant edge.”


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That’s not a photo of the Razr. It’s an HTC device.

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OMG Sprint has put 5g limit on there data plans for the past month without telling anyone! I just got a $300.00 over 4g data bill even though my statement still says unlimited 4g. I called Sprint they said they have not updated the paper statements with the 5g limit. Why is this story out of date already. Sprint does not have unlimited data plans anymore!!! I would like to show my statement that says you went over your 5g on 4g service $300.00 then in the very next page shows 4g data limit (unlimited) Sprint is doing something wrong here. The service rep even said bill was misleading.

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