Introducing Reuters Social Pulse

February 2, 2012

Today we launched Social Pulse, our new social media hub on designed to show you the most talked-about news, companies and influencers across the Web.

The first thing you’ll see on the page is the news most popular in Reuters social network. Our journalists and official Twitter accounts follow everyone from Nouriel Roubini and Jenna Wortham to John McCain and Rachel Sterne, and these are the stories being talked about by the newsmakers we follow. The technical detective work is done by Percolate, a social news service that powers Felix Salmon & Ryan McCarthy’s

Next you’ll see our stock sentiment module, featuring opinions from hundreds of thousands of sources captured and curated by WiseWindow. WiseWindow is not simply a keyword analysis tool, but a complex system that uses statistical techniques and natural language processing to deliver data that is not only real-time but predictive as well. The chart is populated by share-of-voice readings, so depending on which companies are being talked about most that day, it will adapt.

Below that is the Reuters & Klout 50 where we rank America’s most social CEOs. We predefined a list of almost 100 CEOs who are active on Twitter, tweeting in English, and have a handle separate from their company’s (sorry @zappos!). The top 50 are shown here every day based on their Klout score, the standard in measuring social influence. Who made the list but not the top 50? Alisa Miller of Public Radio International, Mark Bertolini of Aetna, Perry Chen of Kickstarter, and Angela Ahrendts of Burberry are just a few of the CEOs whose influence in the boardroom isn’t matched in the social media world (yet!).

Just as important as these partnerships is the wonderful work being done on social networks within Reuters. Anthony De Rosa, who does not like it when I brag about him, is our social media editor, chief liveblogger and tech video journalist. He has been called the “undisputed king of Tumblr” by the New York Times, named one of NBC New York’s top 20 people to follow on Twitter and is liked by Anthony Bourdain (which may be the most impressive feat of the three). If you’re not already following him on every social network possible, this page will show you how to. It will also show you what Anthony is liveblogging, what video he’s just done, etc., so you can keep up with him on and off the site.

In addition to Anthony, Reuters has over 3,000 journalists around the world, many of whom are doing amazing work on Twitter. That is too many to keep up with on a Twitter list, so we created a directory that shows you our best tweeters by topic. It let’s you find our reporters, bloggers and editors by category and location so you can drill down to business journalists in India, if you so choose, or tech writers in the UK.

As always at Reuters this was a team effort, and none of it would be possible without the amazing work of Diana Parrington, Josh Turk, Anthony De Rosa, Eric Auchard, Ken Ellis, Al Ming and Ana Manrique.

We hope you enjoy Social Pulse and that you visit regularly. We’d love to hear your feedback about the pages and features. Please tweet @reuters or post on our Facebook wall with your comments and suggestions.


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Social Pulse will be great, but Klout is a game, not an index. Snoop Dogg of “Girls-Gone-Wild: Doggy Style” infamy has a higher Klout score than 49 of the 50 CEOs on your sample. Cheers from @NotKlout in NYC.

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ALEX, This is fabulous. There’s so much “essential information” out there, it’s dizzying but with this we’ll be able to get it all, really all, in one fun place.
LIke a Super Multi-Vitamin of everything we need and want. Great Idea!

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Hopefully more women will be featured in future “editions” of Source Pulse.

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‘Social Pulse’ is a trademark in registration process for and wonder how you can start a new venture in that name.

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Sounds like this could be great…. except…. for those of us who live and work outside of the US, in countries where facebook, twitter and youtube are not only blocked and banned, but access is punishable by prison… Hope this doesn’t take away from what will be placed on the site….

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Is there a feature to receive updates or reminders rom the tool? It is really nice. Congratulations.

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Make this as an iOS app please.

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Or an RSS feed!

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