Vevo relaunches with closer Facebook ties

March 9, 2012

Vevo, the music video company, has relaunched the popular site with a more personalized, social, long-play viewing experience getting closer and further away from that MTV experience at the same time.
One of the big changes is that you can now only get the full benefits of Vevo with a Facebook login in, which allows you to create a personalized Facebook playlist and share the videos you’ve watched with your friends on Facebook.

Vevo was the second most watched online video service in the U.S. in January with more than 51.5 million unique visitors watching an average of 62  minutes of video that month according to comScore. It is also YouTube’s number 1 partner.

A reminder that Vevo is owned by Universal Music Group, Sony Music Group and the Abu Dhabi Media Company, It also features music videos from EMI and many independent labels but not Warner Music Group, the third largest label owner.

Vevo’s changes are going down similar routes as many other ambitious online services which believe they need to have a significant social presence to grow and keep users involved sharing detailed traffic data voluntarily and adding value for advertisers and other partners.

In some senses you could argue there are ‘no surprises’ from the MTV of the early 21st Century.

Here’s Vevo executive Michael Cerda talking through the changes on Vevo’s blog:

Before I joined VEVO, I wrote CEO Rio Caraeff a long email. While I was trying to impress him, I was also trying to impress upon him the opportunity VEVO has to synthesize the emotional connection between music videos and fans. I wanted to transport the magical feeling I had as a kid when I started watching music videos, applying it to today’s connected digital world. Rio and I talked about migrating VEVO from a website to an experience. What if we could usher fans to their seats so they could enjoy a personalized show? What if we made it interactive with friends? And what if we enhanced the show with cool contextual content along the way? If we could find a way to do all this, we would achieve an unprecedented music video experience.

Fast forward six months and I am pleased to say today we have realized that vision. The new VEVO is a personalized, social, long-play viewing experience. Now when you log in to VEVO using Facebook, we scan your day-to-day Facebook activity to create a personalized “Facebook playlist.” For example, if you’ve “liked” an artist or shared music previously, we’ll add that artist’s videos to your Facebook playlist. In addition, VEVO’s iTunes Match scans your iTunes library and creates a playlist of music videos that match the artists you love. Of course, you can also simply search for a video, watch it and we’ll create a long-play viewing experience based on what you’ve selected! Our friends at The Echo Nest are helping us bring even better video recommendations to you than ever before, enhancing VEVO’s music discovery. You’ll also notice the new VEVO player is bigger, the quality is better, the videos not only play faster but they also play continuously.

As for those contextual changes I mentioned earlier, be sure to check out the lyrics of the videos you’re watching, browse the latest music news headlines or read up on your favorite artist’s bios without ever having to click away from the video experience.

As I have been writing for the past hour, the new VEVO has been playing continuously on my computer. During that time, I’ve discovered Rooney, a band I’ve only previously heard of but now fallen in love with. I’ve shared Rooney with my 500 Facebook friends, and when I get home later, I’m going to turn my 13-year old son onto it by using Airplay to stream from my iPhone to my TV. I love when a product experience strikes an emotional chord, and spans many modes and contexts of daily life.

The new VEVO isn’t done; it’s only the beginning. In fact the best product experiences are never done. They live, breathe and get better over time. I’m looking forward to your feedback along the way. So check out the new VEVO at, on iPhone (iPad is coming soon), Android, Facebook and our brand new Xbox app, which is presented by American Express (US only). Wherever you are, VEVO is at your fingertips.

By the way, while you’re browsing and watching and VEVO mobile, you’ll notice we’ve partnered with Disney and their new film, John Carter (US only). They love what we’re doing and wanted to be a part of VEVO’s future. We’re also excited really for the movie’s release. Got to love it.


Michael Cerda

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