Psssttt, Hey you, at Yahoo – You wanna make 25 grand?

Here’s one good thing about being a Yahoo employee: if you quit and join Yammer, a social networking service for businesses, in the next 60 days you’ll pocket a $25,000 signing bonus.

That’s the offer that was tweeted on Thursday by Yammer CEO David Sacks.

“They’ve got a lot of great engineers there,” Sacks said in an interview with Reuters. “The talent has been misused by senior management which has made a lot of bad decisions.”

Of course, when Sacks (whose credits include producing and financing the 2005 film Thank You For Smoking)  isn’t whispering sweet come-ons to Yahoo employees, he’s holding a gun to their heads. Infuriated by Yahoo’s controversial decision to sue Facebook for patent infringement, he vowed a day earlier that he would never hire another Yahoo employee that doesn’t leave the company in the next 60 days.

Sacks later revised his ultimatum, so that the blacklist applies only to Yahoo senior managers and not rank-and-file employees. But he noted on Thursday that people who continue to work at Yahoo do so at their own peril.

“There will be a growing stigma attached to working at Yahoo as long as it continues to pursue this type of patent troll strategy,” Sacks said.

Amazon rushes out new ‘retina display’ iPad optimized Kindle app

Many tablet fans — both of Amazon and Apple — use their tablets essentially as an e-reader. Some use the iBooks app while many others read on iPad’s Kindle app.

With the new iPad’s high-resolution screen that Apple has dubbed “retina display,” reading a book was supposed to be much more of a pleasure than usual. But for one wrinkle — the Kindle app had been not ‘optimized’ or rewritten for the higher resolution, at least for the review copies of the new iPad. In plain English that meant the text looked the same as before to iPad reviewers. 

Amazon has now a “retina display”-ready Kindle update and it’s arrived just in time as the new iPad went on sale in Australia and will launch in the United States on Friday as part of a rolling global launch of the new device.

Teardown experts crack open Apple’s new iPad

The electronics hardware experts at iFixit find themselves again in the spotlight as they crack open the latest iPad to see what chips, display and other components make it tick. Teardowns, as they’re called, are closely followed by investors betting on which companies supply components for consumer electronics devices like Apple’s massively iPads and iPhones.

iFixit sent its engineers to Australia, where they managed to buy one of the first new iPads to be sold, and — fueled by cans of Red Bull –  proceeded to crack it open with tools ranging from guitar picks (to pry open the cover) to “spudgers” (for poking and prodding at wires).

They’re live-blogging the entire affair, but so many people appear to be watching that iFixit’s webpage is responding very slowly.