Amazon rushes out new ‘retina display’ iPad optimized Kindle app

March 15, 2012

Many tablet fans — both of Amazon and Apple — use their tablets essentially as an e-reader. Some use the iBooks app while many others read on iPad’s Kindle app.

With the new iPad’s high-resolution screen that Apple has dubbed “retina display,” reading a book was supposed to be much more of a pleasure than usual. But for one wrinkle — the Kindle app had been not ‘optimized’ or rewritten for the higher resolution, at least for the review copies of the new iPad. In plain English that meant the text looked the same as before to iPad reviewers. 

Amazon has now a “retina display”-ready Kindle update and it’s arrived just in time as the new iPad went on sale in Australia and will launch in the United States on Friday as part of a rolling global launch of the new device.

“Customers reading on the new iPad will find crisper fonts and a new library view where covers look brighter and crisper than ever,” Amazon said in a statement.

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