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Where is the tangible proof that fb has 900 million people who use it, or a number of actual people who use it that’s remotely close to such figure?

Fb states it has 900 million ‘users’ , but a ‘user’ is an identity that people and companies create at will when they register on fb – Anyone can create as many such ‘users’ (online identities) as they wish, and such identities are immortal by definition – They cannot be deleted even if the person who created them wishes to do so, or stopped visiting fb years ago, or uses a different ‘user’ identity/ies.

Over time, many people and companies create multiple ‘users’ identities in fb, whenever doing so helps them achieve whatever goals they’re trying to achieve on this site at that time.

Generally, such ‘puffing’ phenomenon can be observed on many social websites, big and small, where a single person can have dozens, and even hundreds of ‘user’ identities (username, user ID, member ID, etc.).

Has fb ever been audited for the number of actual people who use it, in the sense that they visit that website on a regular, if not a frequent basis, or get some service from it on such basis?