Rovio set to launch its next mobile game “Amazing Alex”

July 12, 2012

There won’t be birds, eggs and green pigs but Rovio is all set to release its next new franchise after a hugely successful run with “Angry Birds.” “Amazing Alex,” a physics-themed puzzle game, is coming to iOS and Android devices July 12.

The trailer released by Rovio shows a little blonde boy experimenting with a Rube Goldberg-like machine. The game will have 100 levels and players can build their own.

The Finnish mobile game maker’s new game is a revamped version of “Casey’s Contraptions,” an IP it acquired in May from developers Mystery Coconut and Snappy Touch. The original “Casey’s Contraptions” game was available on the App store.

With over one billion downloads since December 2009, Rovio created a strong brand with its “Angry Birds” franchise that has become a pop-culture phenomenon. We’ll soon find out if “Amazing Alex” will follow suit.

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How can the makers of Casey’s Contraptions claim intellectual copyright when it was a blatant copy of Crazy Contraptions, which was itself a revamp of a game originally released in the early Nineties called “The Incredible Machine?”

Don’t get me wrong, The Incredible Machine and Crazy Contraptions were great puzzle games, but unless Casey’s Contraptions bought the IP off Sierra Online or whoever had it, then they had nothing to sell to Rovio as they directly copied it.

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