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“Apple was 90 days from bankruptcy when Steve Jobs arrived” — this continues to be repeated by his biographer though the financials online clearly indicate otherwise with >$1bn in cash and a very forgiving banker

“Steve Jobs didn’t need market research” — not only sounded false when Jobs was with us but the recent Samsung trials proved it so

“Apple creates everything in-house” — yes, including its plumbing fixtures, sewage system and lawncare after its through designing its own CPU chips

“Apple and / Jobs invented the smartphone / tablet / mouse / touch screen / god / universe” — fiction writers couldn’t do better.

There are a great many tech innovations and socieety benefits the company and its leadership provided. At some point, the myth-making becomes detrimental. There is a desire to read a more objective biography.

By: AlkalineState Wed, 10 Oct 2012 20:42:17 +0000 Twitter is stupid. I’m going to Visit Target on Twitter? How does that result in paper towels and new socks ending up at my house?

The only people who care about Twitter are politicians and reporters who play with themselves too much. Its reach is far more limited than they would have you believe.