3-DWhat is it with the renewed interest in 3-D?  Not to be outdone by the movies like Avatar and a sudden burst of sporting events to be broadcast with players looming in the foreground, newspapers want to jump in on the trend.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, fresh out of bankruptcy aution with new owners, is rolling out a special 3-D newspaper section on Sunday June 13. The Web site philly.com gets the treatment on June 14.  The paper will helpfully provide 3-D viewing glasses inserted in the Sunday edition so readers can get the full visual effect of “local interest” photos and a front page folded ad — known as a spadea in newspaper lingo — from Best Buy.

Just in case you don’t want to read the paper or Web site in 3-D, the paper helpfully points out that  the 3-D images will appear normal without the glasses so as to prevent a wave of subscribers from phoning in with complaints about blurry images.

This all comes out of something called the Media Lab, a advertising creative service launched by Philly newspapers in 2006.