Dell Inc on Friday finally took the wraps off its entry into the fast-growing ultra-portable segment, unveiling its new Adamo PC to an assembled crowd of media types.

Well, perhaps unveiled is not exactly the right word. More like a brief, fleeting, passing glance. There was no touching the Adamo, no turning it on, really not much of anything. Instead, a model held the Adamo aloft and moved the PC around in a variety of poses, while reporters craned their necks and did a quick visual calculation, trying to figure out how big its screen size is.

There are really only two things we can say for sure about the Adamo: it is thin and it is the color black. Dell officials refused to divulge even the barest specs, saying only that it is a ” luxury franchise” that will ship in the first half of the year.

The event, held at the Palms hotel in Las Vegas in connection with the Consumer Electronics Show, was obviously designed to cloak the Adamo – which is Latin “to fall in love with” – with a certain mysterious air. In that they may have succeeded.