It’s early October in New York which means that Advertising Week, which kicked off on Monday, is officially in full churn.   This year, the organizers of the conference that attracts all stripes from publishing outfits to retailers to ad agencies  may as well have slugged the event Ladies Week given the number of companies pitching to women.

Specifically that would be AOL, Yahoo and Demand Media all of which launched in the past couple of days “premium” video channels catering to the women, and, by extension, consumer packaged goods companies looking for a means to place their online advertising dollars.

AOL rolled out more than 15 original Web series some aimed at the ladies with such titles as “Little Women, Big Cars,” ” A Supermodel Stole My Husband,” and “Jocks & Jills.” (An aside: AOL also touted its “You’ve Got” one minute series lumping in President Barack Obama with other “notables” such as Kevin Bacon and Paula Abdul.)

Over at Yahoo, Senior Vice President of the Media Network Mickie Rosen introduced Screens and its new fall line-up on Tuesday that includes original content  mainly aimed at females 25 to 45 in addition to other programs from third party sources from the likes of Hulu, CBS, Turner Sports.

Demand Media launched  a new channel within its eHow network called Shift that targets “professional women seeking an online channel that reflects their holistic life,” according to a Demand press release.