CBS pumped about more subdued upfront!

April 29, 2008

moonves.jpgHold on to your hats, it’s time for the upfronts!

Or maybe it’s “hold your horses” instead. We forgot for a moment that this year the annual advertising bonanza is supposed to be a bit more subdued.

Making the grade on Madison Avenue

April 28, 2008

students.jpgWho’s making the grade in advertising? We found out today, with the release of Adweek’s annual agency report cards.

AOL’s Platform-A gets a face

April 24, 2008

platform-a-small.jpgYou’re nothing without a logo. And AOL’s Platform-A online ad sales division finally gets one.

Yahoo’s Google test works! Now what?

April 17, 2008

yahoo.jpg“It’s a success! Now what?”

Yahoo may be ready to turn over its Web search advertising to Google following a successful test using Google’s service to deliver ads alongside its Web search results. But that’s only the beginning of what could be a swirl of deals. Or Not.

Speed is the new big — and other ad talk

April 8, 2008

iaa-logo.JPGThe International Advertising Association (IAA) is holding its World Congress in Washington D.C. this week, when hundreds of advertising and media executives descend on the nation’s capital to talk about social communities, marketing regulation, return on investment, and, of course, the economy.

Ad spending outlook: some Good, mostly Bad, may be Ugly

March 31, 2008

DollarsThe good news on ad spending ain’t so good. According to ZenithOptimedia, spending on advertising in North America and Western Europe is expected to grow by 3.8 percent this year. But that is lower than an earlier forecast of 4.4 percent, as the credit crunch saps confidence.

“Forget her, check out that digital billboard!”

March 28, 2008

octoberfest.jpgMore than just the cute guy or girl catches your eye at the bar these days.

Nearly 80 percent of people surveyed in a recent study recalled at least one of four advertisements running on digital billboard screens at bars where they were partying. That’s not a bad number considering the audience surveyed by Arbitron and Zoom Media & Marketing — 500 people aged 21 to 34.  That’s a demographic that advertisers love.