CBS upfront: Simon Baker, Jennifer Love Hewitt and L.L. Cool J

May 20, 2009

CBS made very few changes to its fall prime-time schedule, adding just one new comedy and three new dramas. Executives at the network contend that the lineup doesn’t need a makeover, given that it’s the only one to show an increase in audience ratings this season. Fair enough.

CBS goes for stability in prime-time schedule

May 20, 2009

Here’s a look at the new CBS schedule, which will be presented to advertisers later today.

Jimmy Kimmel at the upfront: Hey, we’re lying to you

May 19, 2009

Remember the days when the upfront presentations featured chart-topping singers, Broadway acts and drag racing, and lasted five or six hours? Most of that has disappeared over the past couple of years.

Fox upfront: Watch “Glee” and look for Kiefer at the bar

May 18, 2009

For those of you unable to make it to the Fox upfront today at the New York City Center (or skipped it and went straight to the party), here are some of the takeaways:

Chrysler: Coming soon to a TV near you

May 8, 2009

As the New York Times puts it this morning: “Even after receiving $15.4 billion in federal loans, General Motors is once again on the brink of financial collapse.” The reason is that the automaker burned through $10.2 billion in the firs quarter, while revenue dropped by almost half to $22.4 billion.

NBC says upfront market too tough to call

May 4, 2009

Las Vegas should have a line on the upfront market, particularly this year. What’s the over/under on total dollars? What are the odds the networks will hold back big chunks of inventory? How quickly will everything be decided?

NBC Universal’s Zucker: Olympics still a winner

May 1, 2009

News broke this week that Anheuser-Busch has told NBC that the brewer will spend only about half as much on advertising packages during the upcoming 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games and 2012 Summer Games in London, compared to previous years.

Dear advertiser, please come home

April 30, 2009

Nobody likes to be wrong, including the people who run media companies. That’s why you haven’t heard them say things like, “We think the advertising market is recovering!” At a time when every day might bring a fresh descent into financial hell as financial companies and automakers totter, media companies reeling from ad revenue declines are hesitant to say that they’ve hit a bottom.

Marc the software slayer’s new mission

April 28, 2009

Web-based software maker has a new slogan.

The company’s brash founder, Marc Benioff, built a software business that generates more than $1 billion in annual revenue based on a slogan that makes you wonder if he is in the right business: “The end of software.” (He argued that he sells a service that customers access over the Web, not the traditional kind of software that companies install on their own computers.)

Advertising slump shows no signs of relenting

April 28, 2009

The news media may be preoccupied with Swine Flu and the Banking Crisis and the Auto Industry meltdown, but look beyond those hot topics and you will see a familiar story — you know, the advertising-business-is-getting-slammed story.