Maybe you think you're up to date on the latest financial apps and mobile solutions, but unless you are updating your money life every five minutes, you aren't. Behind the scenes, scores of companies are throwing money at digitizing you, your cash and (even more popular than money these days) your consumer profile.

Recently I had a chance to check many of them out. I spent two days at Finovate, a financial technology conference run by Online Banking Report. It's a cool meeting -- in two days roughly 60 different companies present seven minute versions of their best selves. Usually they do this before they are fully up and running for consumers, so not everything is ready for prime time yet.

But it does give a great overview of the trends that consumers will be seeing over the next year. Here's my take on the biggest trends for individual investors and bank customers.

You want mortgages? We’ve got mortgages, says Google

You know all those sites like Bankrate and that let you comparison shop for credit cards and mortgages? Google is gunning for their space with its new Google Advisor. At first glance, there’s nothing new here that isn’t already on lots of different sites, but as company rep Charles Gianfrante says, “We’re Google. And we are just getting started.”

So expect comprehensive listings on the clear and clean site, which covers mortgages, credit cards, bank certificates of deposit, checking and savings accounts. One big plus: You can shop for quotes without giving your real contact info to the banks in question; there’s a complicated interim-email system that blocks your identity. But of course you do have to give it to Google, which won’t let you access the site unless you sign in.