Verizon Wireless chief Lowell McAdam has been busy writing letters recently, mostly to U.S. lawmakers.

Yesterday’s missive had a similar intention, to explain how his company is really very warm and friendly toward consumers and competitors. The difference is its addressee — none other than Arthur Sulzberger, the publisher of the New York Times.

He did tear to shreds the newspaper’s opinion piece on phone companies. He accused the paper of relying on myths to make its point that regulators may want to take a look at phone company’s behavior.

But, for media-watchers at least, the good news is that he actually read a newspaper (an increasingly uncommon act) and decided the medium was important enough to reply with a good old fashioned letter to the publisher (an even more uncommon act).

Here’s a short precis of their battle of words:
NYTimes: Cites Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development to show American’s cellphone bills are higher than the average.