mmmmm-baaaaacon.jpgMySpace rolled out the public test of its MyAds system, a service created for small businesses that want to run banner advertising on the online social network. Designed to take advantage of the personal information that MySpace members provide, it’s geared primarily toward folks whose businesses are small enough that they don’t have things like media buyers. (See the e-mail conversation with our friend at Bacon Salt at the bottom of this entry for an example of what I mean.)

You can read the Reuters story that we ran Sunday night, and then check out these other stories, which wrote up different angles on the service:

BNET’S Steve O’Hear offers directions so easy that even someone evincing signs of my legendary tech illiteracy could make it work:

1. Sign-up on
2. Create a display ad using the MyAds Builder Tool
3. Select a variable ad spend anywhere from $25 to $10,000
4. HyperTarget to customers (based on self-expressed interests available on MySpace profiles, along with age, sex and geographical location)
5. Measure ad performance with MyAds analytics reporting

O’Hear also notes how the program is similar to Google’s AdWords.

Rachel Metz at the AP offers some related background:

The idea of self-service advertising is not new – Google Inc. has been doing so for years with text-based ads through its AdSense platform. But it has generally been more difficult to combine self-service with display ads. While Yahoo Inc. is trying to merge do-it-yourself tactics with display ads through a new advertising platform, its tools for advertisers won’t be available until next year.