Google’s search engine has a new feature that may cause Web surfers to do less…Web surfing.

The company’s new Instant Previews announced on Tuesday provides visual snapshots of Web pages directly within the list of search results, making it easier and quicker to home in on the Web page you’re looking for.

Instant Previews, which will be rolled out during the next few days, puts a small icon of a magnifying glass next to most of Google’s search results. Click on the magnifying glass and Google serves up a screenshot of the Web page, highlighting the section of the page that’s relevant to your search query.GOOGInstantPreview

That eliminates the time-consuming back-and-forth excursions from Google’s list of search results to various Web sites.

Google says the majority of the preview snapshots are already stored in its index of the Web, and Google will pre-load the preview images for search results in your browser in the background. Result: preview images typically load in less than one-tenth of a second, says Google.