BusinessWeek, where the action happens off-screen

September 15, 2009

McGraw-Hill set Tuesday as the due date for bids for the ailing BusinessWeek magazine, and at least as of 7:30 pm eastern time, nothing at all has happened. Since this is one of those stories where I’ve encountered absolutely no fruitful sources, I’ve relied on reading the reports of other people.

Bloomberg’s Winkler takes it easy

September 9, 2008

Matt Winkler is more than the editor-in-chief of Bloomberg’s news operation; he is its creator and keystone, and largely responsible for its hard-charging, hard-working work ethic that has been described by nearly everyone who writes about the business news wire as “take-no-prisoners.” Still, even top editors like to take a break every now and again.

Bloomberg LP, the remix

July 10, 2008

Lex FenwickBig changes are underway at Bloomberg LP, both in the news division and the way the company is structured.