newyorkcityview.jpgPali Research analyst Richard Greenfield downgraded Time Warner Cable on Monday with one eye on Verizon’s launch of FiOS TV in New York (You have to register to read the link).

Verizon got approval to roll out FiOS TV just last week and is expected to begin installations as soon as August. Reuters ran an analysis last week that showed that Verizon’s roll-out of FiOS will be expensive for the phone company and its cable competitors, particularly Time Warner Cable.

Greenfield said New York City represents only 10 percent of Time Warner Cable’s subscriber base, but its average revenue per user is well above average.

Here’s where he sees Verizon earning points:

- His own anecdotal research found many TWC customer service reps hadn’t even heard of FiOS.

- Verizon’s customer service reps indicated early demand for FiOS is robust. (Greenfield accepts they might have been biased.)