Google-Yahoo vs. Department of Justice

October 31, 2008

The odds of a Google-Yahoo Web advertising deal are looking increasingly bad. The Wall Street Journal says that both sides may just drop the deal as early as next week. The reason: The Justice Department wants too many darn compromises.

The New Yorker gives red ink a black eye

September 30, 2008

Like most intellectuals and sophisticates, I read the cartoons in The New Yorker before going on to all those articles filled with big words and umlauts. In doing that in the October 6 edition, I noticed that every one of them pertains to the financial crisis.

Nickelback deal embarrassing for Warner or expensive for Live Nation?

July 8, 2008

nickelback.jpgLive Nation said on Tuesday it has signed a global ‘360-degree’ deal with Canadian rock band Nickelback covering the band’s touring, recording and merchandising.