Legendary Cosmo editor gives $30 million to Columbia, Stanford

Helen Gurley Brown, the 89-year-old former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and author of “Sex and the Single Girl” is donating $30 million to Columbia University and Stanford to fund a media and technology institute.

Columbia will pocket $18 million while Stanford’s Engineering School will net $12 million. Columbia will use $6 million to build a “highly visible signature space” at the journalism school’s building in New York. This marks a record donation for the journalism school.  

Apple board-member Bill Campbell will advise the new center along with Hearst Corp CEO Frank A. Bennack, Jr. The donation is in honor of Gurley Brown’s late husband David, the famous producer of classic movies such as ”Jaws” and attended both schools. Gurley Brown, who was dubbed “the original Carrie Bradshaw” by the New York Times. edited Cosmo for more than three decades.

(Helen Gurley Brown and David Brown, photo courtesy of  Marketwire)

from Left field:

MLS looks to ‘eye candy’ to win over new fans

Working to break through the clutter in the crowded North American sports market, Major league Soccer has teamed up with to show off its best-looking young players, or "eye candy" as the website dubs them.

Fifteen MLS players, or "playas," are on display at the website of Cosmopolitan's teen magazine. Ranging in age from 19 to 27, the players are shown in photos both in action and relaxing off the soccer pitch.

chance1The introduction: "Thought you had to travel abroad to look at some serious soccer hotties? Not anymore! We tracked down Major League Soccer's most talented guys-next-door and got them to reveal some serious dating dirt! Find out what these cuties are looking for in a girl while staring at their steamy pics."