Photo: Daniel Ek, Spotify CEO previews app platform (courtesy: Spotify)

Spotify, the hype-tastic digital music service that started in Stockholm, then moved to London is now a New York headquartered company founder Daniel Ek tells us at the glamorous launch of the new Spotify App platform at the Stephen Weiss Studios in the trendy West Village area of the city.

“I love London, it’s a great city but so much of our business is here now,” said Ek. Spotify has quietly built up a team of some 100 staffers at its Chelsea offices, a couple of floors below Google’s New York office, and will probably be seeking new space in the future at their current rate of growth.

Ek debuted as a solo showman on Wednesday showing off Spotify’s new platform, which allows third parties to develop applications to work within the Spotify desktop software. For example applications  including Rolling Stone, and Tune Wiki can all be added  to your Spotify platform and integrate with the music you choose to listen to. If successful, Spotify will explore moving the service to the mobile platform says Ek. Opening its platform to developers is a similar move to what Facebook did (on a much larger user scale) a couple of years ago to impressive results.  Indeed Spotify is one of Facebook’s music apps.

Talking of Facebook, Ek  reeled off a couple of interesting stats. Spotify has added 7 million users since it activated its integration with Facebook. More importantly, it now has 2.5 million paying subscribers (previously announced) among its 10 million active users. And in Europe, it is second largest digital revenue source for the major labels.

The labels love the idea of Spotify becoming a more open service. One senior label executive told Reuters on the sidelines of the event.  “The problem we always had was whether people could discover or find music on Spotify, this really makes a big difference.”