Technology is supposed to make life easier for everyone, and at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, we found some gadgets that are accessible by the blind and deaf.

Check out Sinead Carew’s story on how Stevie Wonder is at CES to make the case for tech that’s friendly to the blind. As she reports, with the popularity of touch screens, once simple consumer electronics such as televisions and stereos have become difficult for blind people to use as they often require navigation of multiple menus that need to be seen.

If you want to learn sign language, Krown Manufacturing will be rolling out a pocket-sized device that may help. Use a stylus to type a word on the Sign Language Translator’s touch screen and it will play a video clip of that word translated into sign language. The device has over 3,500 words in sign language, Krown says. It doesn’t do phrases yet, but may some day.

This video is kind of grainy, but hopefully you’ll get the idea: