Long time independent digital music retailer eMusic has finally got its mittens on some major label music after signing a deal with Sony Music Entertainment — and the company says it is still in talks with other majors like Universal Music, Warner Music and EMI to see if it can get more.

From the third quarter eMusic will have catalog from names like Bruce Springsteen, The Clash, Johnny Cash and Outkast. Catalog music here means songs older than two years.

eMusic, which is an independent retailer owned by JDS Capital Management, competes in a tough market led by Apple’s iTunes and Amazon.com MP3. But it has has held its own and even claimed to be the No.2 digital music retailer on some measures in the recent past.

It has managed to gain market share by being the digital retailer of choice for music on independent labels focusing on the grown-up end of the market.

Some see this deal as the latest sign that the major labels are finally getting round to the idea of becoming more flexible and prepared to work with a wider range of retailers on less onerous terms licensing terms.