Update: I made some changes here. The folks at Fox say that Tony Vinciquerra said he found the results shows in season seven boring — not the finale. They were right and I was wrong. Here is the entry, with my corrections (I rewrote the headline too.

You can’t say that Fox Chief Executive Tony Vinciquerra isn’t clear about what he wants from the American Idol staff. In short: he wants a less boring season finale with more interesting coaches for the contestants… and while we’re at it, more interesting contestants.

Talk about tough love from the big boss!

Here is what Vinciquerra said at a conference earlier on Wednesday when asked about News Corp’s Fox Network and the popular show that turns ordinary people into super-celebrities: The season seven finale (no — the result shows) were boring.

As for the celebrities who showed up as coaches, there was someone from Broadway whom “no one had ever heard of.” Then there was Dolly Parton: “A wonderful performer, but not what you want in developing the 18-49 audience.” And Neil Diamond: “Not the person you would want to be bringing in very young consumers, which is the audience of the show.”

And then there was one more critique: “I’m actually hoping the contestants have some personality this year, unlike last year.” Then he asked the moderator and the audience at the show to please not tell anyone that he said that.