YAHOO-MICROSOFT/When Media General reported its quarterly results this week, the company made sure to highlight that its increased digital revenue — up 8 percent — was due in part to its relationship with Yahoo.

“It’s one of the few game-changing partnerships we have had,” Media General digital media president Kirk Read said in an earlier interview.

The publisher of The Tampa Tribune and Richmond Times-Dispatch is part of the 800 or so newspapers that appointed Yahoo to be one of its digital sherpas. The partnership involves ad serving technology, content sharing and, until the sale of Yahoo’s Hot Jobs to Monster, online recruitment. Since the Internet giant launched its ad platform known as APT 18 months ago, the alliance has sold $100 million in Yahoo inventory.

The APT platform allows newspapers to expand their digital footprint within the marketplace by selling online inventory of both Yahoo’s local sites and the newspapers’ web sites. One of benefits of APT is that it allows advertisers to target ads to specific audiences. Newspapers and Yahoo share the revenue for ads sold on Yahoo’s site.

“Things exceeded our expectations,” said Lem Lloyd vice president of channel sales of Yahoo. “The way we think about it is we have built an infrastructure in which to take advantage of a huge local ad share shift that is happening and accelerating over time.”