As Apple reports quarterly earnings based largely on the number of iPhones it sold, the honeymoon continues for the lucky millions able to get their hands on the newest 4S model, which was initially criticized for not being new enough. Apple went on to sell 4 million of them in 3 days.

So, after the initial sales storm, is Apple’s iPhone 4S living up to the hype?

First, here’s a graphic on how the baby compares to its older sibling:

Corrected: The graphic, above falsely stated that the iPhone 4S had 1GB of memory. As Ben Pingel pointed out, it actually has 512MB.

After getting some time to play with the Apple iPhone 4S, owners and bloggers are weighing in on its key selling features:


Complaints are being logged on Apple’s site about a colored tint affecting some iPhone 4Ss, obvious when compared to the iPhone 4. Others complain about the 4S screen looking washed out.