Blue Jeans Network’s chipping away at Cisco with video technology

June 27, 2012

Blue Jeans Network, a small rival of network equipment giant Cisco, is taking John Chambers by his word.

Missing iPhone saga continues; police said to be involved

April 23, 2010

iphoneblahSure, it was one of the busiest weeks on the tech earnings calendar, but despite a crush of important indicators about the health of the industry, all anyone seems to care about was that famously wayward iPhone, which caused such a stir earlier in the week.

Bartz’s idea of a joke: Yahoo could buy New York Times

January 28, 2009

Wall Street analysts pestered new Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz with all kinds of questions during her first quarterly earnings call, and she answered as candidly as she could, frequently pointing out the fact that she’s still learning the ropes and getting to know the business.

Gawker dumps three blogs in advertising winter

April 14, 2008

ship.jpgNick Denton’s Gawker Media is parting with three of its blogs: political gossip site Wonkette, travel site Gridskipper and music site Idolator, dumping ballast in a stormy ad market.    
Denton put it simply in a memo to employees, first seen on Silicon Alley Insider: