As someone who only stopped using his 35 year-old Topcon camera when its shutter broke (irreparably), it was nice to have a phone interview with Getty Images Chief Executive Jonathan Klein on Monday.

Klein briefed us on an investment the stock photo and news photography company made in Daylife, a “news aggregator” that has been around a few years. The companies announced the investment on Wednesday. As Media Memo’s Peter Kafka described it:

Daylife formally launched in January 2007 with a good deal of buzz, due primarily to its high-profile investors, which included the New York Times (NYT), Craigslist founder Craig Newmark and Techcrunch’s Michael Arrington. The initial plan was to create both content-aggregation tools for publishers as well as a destination site, but the latter never took off and is now just a demo site for customers.

Klein didn’t disclose the investment amount, but a regulatory filing earlier this year lists the investment amount: $4 million. Here is what Daylife can do, he said:

The guy at USA Today who covered the cruise ship industry used to have a blog. He now has an entire website created entirely by Daylife, which has all the editorial content drawn from all sorts of places, for the cruise industry. At USA Today, instead of the journalist’s blog, you see very, very rich content from all over the place, including relevant advertising.